User Manual
Wifi Sharing

What is the Wifi Sharing?

By creating Wifi Sharing QR Code, you do not need to tell your client or guest all the information such as SSID Password and Authentication Type, etc. User can scan the QR Code to connect to the Wifi network directly without going through few steps on their phone.

Click on the Wifi menu to start using Wifi Sharing function.

Create New Wifi

  1. Click on the New Wifi button to create new Wifi Sharing QR Code.
    New Wifi
  2. On the New Wifi form, fill the require information to generate the Wifi Sharing QR Code.
    Setup Wifi Sharing QR Code
  3. After filling necessary information, click Create button to create Wifi Sharing QR Code.
    Save Wifi
    Campaign List

Delete Wifi

  1. To delete the Wifi information, click on the command button and click Delete.
    Edit Campaign
  2. System will delete all the information including Generated QR Code.

Note: This function is only available to the user with data usage subscription. And we recommend to delete and re-create the QR Code with different password every week or month.