User Manual
FaceBook Page Campaign

What is the FaceBook Campaign?

FaceBook Campaign in QRBox360 is the similar to the Campaign but it track the scan of the QR Code and redirect to your FaceBook Page. System will detect whether iOS or Android when user scan, and open up the page in respective FaceBook application.

Click on the FaceBook Campaign menu to start using FaceBook Campaign.

Create New Campaign

  1. Click on the New Campaign button to create new FaceBook Page Campaign.
    New Campaign
  2. On the New FaceBook Campaign form, fill the require information to generate the FaceBook Page Campaign.
    Setup FaceBook Page Campaign
  3. You can move your mouse to the Green Exclamation mark to see the detail instruction.
  4. For Page ID, you can go to your page and click About from the left hand side menu in FaceBook.
    FaceBook Page About
  5. Scroll to the bottom on About page, you will see the Page ID. Just copy the ID to the Page ID field in QRBox360.
    FaceBook Page ID
  6. After filling necessary information, click Create button to create FaceBook Page Campaign QR Code.
    Save Campaign
    Campaign List

Update Campaign

  1. To update the Campaign information, click on the command button and click Edit.
    Edit Campaign
  2. Update the necessary information.
    Save Updated Campaign
  3. If you update the Page Name and Page URL, you do not need to re-generate QR Code. And just click on the Save button.
  4. If you are updating Page ID, Logo and/or Color Code, you will need to re-generate QR Code to get the latest Page ID, Logo and/or Color Code.

Campaign Tracking List

  1. To view the Campaign Tracking List, click on the command button on the Campaign and click Campaign Tracking List from the drop down list.
    Campaign Registration List
  2. You can see Campaign Tracking detail information in Campaign Tracking List Screen.
    Campaign Tracking List Details
  3. You can download tracking detail as excel file by clicking the download button Download Button.

Note: This function is only available to the user with data usage subscription.