User Manual

What is the Campaign?

Campaign in QRBox360 is the component for you to create customer behavior tracking and collecting customer information. From the Campaign you can redirect to any website as you wish and system will track all the scanning.

Click on the Campaign menu to start using Campaign.

Create New Campaign

  1. Click on the New Campaign button to create new campaign.
    New Campaign
  2. In the New Campaign form, fill the necessary Campaign information to creeate campaign.
    New Campaign
  3. If you would like to add your company logo at the middle of the QR Code, you can select your logo file by clicking Choose File under Logo to Embed.
  4. Campaign URL is the URL which you would like to redirect. This can be any URL you would like to redirect such as your company registration page, product page, and timetable, etc.
  5. If you would like to change the color of the QR Code to your corporate color, you can put the Hexa color value of your company corporate color or you can select the color from the color swatch which popup when you click on the Color Code field.
    Color swatch
  6. After filling all the necessary information, click on the Create button to create Campaign and generate Campaign QR Code.
    Create Campaign
  7. After clicking the Create button, system will generate QR Code based on the information provided.
    Campaign List
  8. Click on the QR Code to open the actual size of the QR Code to download.

Update Campaign

  1. To update the Campaign information, click on the command button and click Edit.
    Edit Campaign
  2. Update the necessary information.
    Save Updated Campaign
  3. If you update the Campaign Name and Campaign URL, you do not need to re-generate QR Code. And just click on the Save button.
  4. If you are updating Logo and/or Color Code, you will need to re-generate QR Code to get the latest Logo and/or Color Code.

Adding Web Application

  1. To add web application to the Campaign, click on the command button and click Add Web App from the dropdown menu.
    Add Web Application
  2. On the Web Application selection page, click on the Create Registration Web App button.
    Web Application Selection
  3. On the Web Application Setup form, system will auto populate the text for Title, Introduction Text, Button Title, Greeting Title, and Greeting Message.
    Web Application Setup
  4. Select your Company Logo and type the Company Name if you are confortable with the default text populated by system. And click Add Registration Field button to customize registration form.
    Web Application Setup
  5. System will stretch the Company Logo to 300pixel if the logo width is smaller than 300pixel. If the Logo width is bigger than 300pixel, system will compress to 300pixel.
  6. On the Web Application Customization form, you can select the registraion information you require from the list under the Field section.
    Adding field to registration form
  7. You can remove the selected field by clicking on the Remove button next to the Field Name.
    Removing field from registration form
  8. If you would like to preview the registration form, click on the Preview button to see how the registration screen will look like at the user end.
    Previewing registration form

Editing Web Application

  1. To edit Web Application, click on the command button from the Campaign list and click Edit Web App from the dropdown menu.
    Edit Web Application
  2. From the Web Application update form, you can update text or registration field you want and click Save button to update the registration form.
    Edit Web Application
  3. You can preview by clicking the Preview button on the form after update.

Viewing Campaign Summary

  1. To view the Campaign Summary, click on the command button on the Campaign and click Campaign Summary from the drop down list.
    Campaign Summary
  2. You can see Campaign Tracking Summary and detail tracking information in Campaign Summary Screen.
    Campaign Summary Details
  3. You can download tracking detail as excel file by clicking the download button Download Button.

Viewing Collected Data

  1. To view the Campaign Collected Data, click on the command button on the Campaign and click Registration List from the drop down list.
    Campaign Registration List
  2. You can see Campaign Registration detail information in Campaign Registration List Screen.
    Campaign Registration List Details
  3. The list will show the information which selected in the Web Application.
  4. You can download Campaign Registration detail as excel file by clicking the download button Download Button.

Note: This function is only available to the user with data usage subscription.