User Manual
  • What's new?

    • QR Code design updated to more fancy square boxes.
    • Data usage subscriber can now creat One Page Product Informaion Campaign QR Code.
    • Data usage subscriber can now create FaceBook Page Campaign QR Code.
    • Data usage subscriber can now generate Wifi sharing QR Code.

    When you login to the portal as a paid subscription user, you will see the following screen as a dashboard for you:
    Login Screen

    1. On the screen, you will see five(5) sections such as Application Title, Menu, Data Usage, Content, and Footer.
    2. On Application Title, you will see our Application logo, Help Button and Your Name.
    3. On Menu Bar, you will see all the available menus for your subscription.
    4. Data Usage section will show you the location you are in the application.
    5. Content area is the area where you will be working mostly in the application.
      1. In the content area, you will see blocks such as Campaign, and vCard.
      2. By clicking on the arrow next to the Campaign or vCard, system will bring you to the respective function.
    6. In the footer, you will see our parent company link.

     Please click the link at left hand side for your detail help.